Al-Qur’an and Islamic Tolerant: Historical Studies

Nur Faizin Muhith


In his research on the history of the Holy Qur’an, the writer has
been able to show the dimensions of the Qur'anic Islamic
tolerance and how to establish the acceptance of the other, in
the most sacred of the Muslims, which is related to the words of
God. It is through the historical approach that the researcher
began to search until he finds the dimensions of the many
different Islamic tolerance aspects that appear through the
history of the Qur'an and its mysteries. Among these aspects: the
diversity and variance in the letters of the Qur’an that came
down from above the seven heavens, and the side of writing on
the types of materials available at the time, and the side of the
multitude of synonyms and differences and books written in the
statement, and other dimensions and other important aspects.
In summary, Muslims adhere to the principle of consultation
even in matters related to the words of God. They also adhere to
the spirit of religious tolerance that permeates Islam in general
and in the history of Qur’anic Koran in particular.
Keywords: muṣḥāf; history of al-Qur’an; tolerant

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