Peaceful and Tolerant Solutions to Conflict Resolution from the Perspective of the Holy Qur’an: Thematic Study

Abu Mujadidul Islam


This paper discusses about the social conflict in terms of
solutions, including the Koran specifically, also discusses about
the kinds of social and religious conflict, whether conflicts
between religions and between religious communities. The
approach taken in this research is objective interpretative
approach while the method used in this study is a qualitative.
This research concludes that the Qur'an recognizes the conflict
although it is considered a factor of negative factors in society,
and recognizes that the conflict in the laws of God in the
universe because the dispute is based on the reality of diversity
and pluralism in this life. Al-Qur’an also shows us a number of
ways to pay for these conflicts, management and turn it into a
peaceful relationship and friendship save society from falling
into the conflict in each of the Meccan and Medina verses.
Keywords: tolerance; peaceful; temporary thinking

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