THE ROLE OF RELIGION EDUCATION DEALING WITH RADICALISM: Madrasah is a Religious-based Character Education Model

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The purpose of this paper is to elucidate and to look for efforts to
deter spreading radicalism phenomena in the world. The terror
attacks have engulfed many part of the world and blamed on
radical and extremist groups who have put Islam and Muslim on
world attention. Indeed the terror attacks have heightened a
growing sense of Islamophobia. And therein is the paradox! Should
the activities and “sin” of individual Muslim(s) or group(s) be
visited on an entire community and relegion? As a consequence
Islam is perceived as religion with a predilection to conflict, aggression
and violence, peace is the kennel of Islamic religion and one of
its significant ingredients. Many factor causing these phenomena,
one of them is misunderstanding and misperception on Islamic
norm and teaching they had got. It must be wrong in the process of
norm transferring and teaching-knowledge, and values. Education
is the rational answered and effort to prevent and deter radicalism
phenomena. Compatibility of goals, matter, method of teaching
with development (especially moral development) of student will
produce internal power as a result of educational process.
Madrasah as a varian of education or Islamic aducation empiricly
has been contributed shaping moderat muslim, known now as
Islam Nusantara.
Keywords: madrasah; islamic education; radicalism;
misperception; moderat

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