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People who will conduct a marriage should fulfill administrative and substantive
requirements. These marriage requirements have positive roles in the
achievement of goal and meaning of a marriage for the involved parties. A
marriage is permitted if the male party has come to the age of 19 and the female
party has come to the age of 16. However, a marriage dispensation proposal may
be proposed by the parties with various reasons. This will open the chanche of the
occurrence of under-aged marriages. A marriage dispensation should be based
on the consideration of the benefits for children and family. Even those benefits for
children should be put on the priority above their parents and extended family`s
importance as the realization of child protection. Parents should prevent the
occurrence of marriages in minor ages for the realization of qualified, decent, and
prosperous Indonesian children.
Key Words: Marriage, Dispensation, Child Protection

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31942/jqi.v5i1.601


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