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Coffee (Coffea sp) constitutes an important commodity for most local
areas in Kendal Regency, including the District of Singorojo. Marketing
efficiency was very needed by the coffee farmers in Singorojo District in order
to sell their coffee. This research was intended to find out: (1). the efficiency in
marketing the coffee by the District of Singorojo  Kendal Regency, (2). the
volume of sales of the coffee by the District of Singorojo Kendal Regency, (3).
the attempts by the coffee farmers in the District to make the marketing of the
coffee more efficient. This research used a descriptive-analytical method. The
analyses on the purchasing prices, the selling prices and the profits obtained by
the parties involved in this District has been efficient, with big sellers
constituted the ones who got the biggest profits. There were two channels for
marketing the coffee produced in the District of Singorojo. First channels for
marketing that is the coffee farmers, big sellers, and exporter. Second channel
for marketing that is the coffee farmers, small sellers, big sellers, and exporter.
The volume of sales of the coffee by the District of Singorojo Kendal Regency
high enough. The average sale of coffee by the farmers in this Singorojo
district was 712,72 kilogram coffee or equal to 97,49 %. In order to reduce the
marketing chains for the coffee, the coffee farmers  in the District has
established GAPOKTAN (a Farmer Association).

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31942/md.v5i2.563


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