Luqman Buchori, Faleh Setia Budi, Heru Susanto


Electroplating industry is characterized in the metal plating process. This
process occurs in the electroplating bath that contains a chemical solution.
Before the coating process, the metal material to be coated should be washed
first to remove the impurity attached. The metal materials that have been
completely coated are then took from the bath and rinsed with water to clean
the chemical solution attached at those materials. UD Citra Utama obtaines
the water used for cleaning from the well in industry area around the
company. Unfortunatley, the water well used is characterized by its relatively
high salt content and turbid. Initial water analysis showed that those
parameters are beyond the standard of water quality used for cleaning in
electroplating industry. The use of this water has negative impact such as
decreasing thw water quality, slows down the speed of coating process and
eventually decreases the capacity and company income. To solve this
problem, we have developed water treatment unit that treats the well water
into pure water. The unit contains reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, pump,
catridge prefilter and media filter. In addition, the unit is equipped with the
accessories such as pressure gauge, flow meter and feed/product tank. The
results of evaluation showed that water treatment unit can increase the
product capacity 30% from 30 m2
to 39 m2
that correspond to income from
Rp. 2000000,- to Rp 2600000,-. In addition, this unit can decrease the
company omset from 5% to 0.5%. The water produced from this unit could
meet the government role (Peraturan Menteri Kesehatan RI Nomor :
Keywords : electroplating; water treatment unit; pure water

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36499/jim.v6i2.112


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