Jurnal Ilmiah MOMENTUM

The Majalah Ilmiah Momentum is a Scientific Journal managed and published by the Faculty of Engineering, Wahid Hasyim University with ISSN 0216-7395 and e-ISSN 2406-9329. Publish twice a year, ie every April and October. The scope of fields that can be published in this journal are mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and informatics engineering.

The Majalah Ilmiah Memontum first published in 2005, and started online since 2014.

We invite researchers to join us by sending research papers. We are waiting for your paper.

This journal has been indexed on the Indonesian Publication Index, Science and Technology Index and Google Scholar

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Vol 17, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents


Puji Basuki, Agustien Zulaidah
Wahyu Tri Ardhana, Sri Mulyo Bondan Respati, Suwardiyono Suwardiyono
Darul Iman, Helmy Purwanto
Haris Kurniawan Sandi, Tabah Priangkoso, Darmanto Darmanto
Imam Yudi Amami, Darmanto Darmanto, Imam Syafa’at
Rizki Kurniadi, Imam Syafa'at
Arif Mustofa, Sri Mulyo Bondan Respati, Muhammad Dzulfikar
Bajar Sulistiyo, Helmy Purwanto
Abdul Lutdfi Pratama, Slamet Supriyadi, Hisyam Ma’mun
Ahmad Syarafi, Darmanto Darmanto, Agung Nugroho
Aribal Ma'ruf, Imam Syafa'at, Agung Nugroho
Muhammad Dzulfikar, Muhammad Attho’illah
Norman Iskandar, Ambo Ardy Pranowo
Kumaruddin Kumaruddin, Sri Mulyo Bondan Respati
Alvin Ardian Pradana, Carsoni Carsoni, Hisyam Ma’mun